How Much is Blue Apron : Cost Comparison and Reviews


Blue Apron pricing starts at $7.49 per serving, with a minimum order of 2 servings per recipe. Blue Apron is a popular meal delivery service known for its fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Offering a variety of customizable meal plans, Blue Apron provides options suitable for various dietary preferences and lifestyles. With pricing starting at $7. 49 per serving, the service strives to provide affordable and convenient meal solutions for individuals and families.

Customers can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the number of servings and the types of meal kits that best fit their needs. By delivering pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes, Blue Aprons aims to simplify the cooking process and elevate the home dining experience. With an emphasis on sustainability and culinary excellence, Blue Aprons has earned a reputation for providing delicious and wholesome meals, making it a compelling option for those seeking a convenient and cost-effective dining solution.

How Much is Blue Apron  : Cost Comparison and Reviews


Blue Apron Subscription Cost

Blue Apron offers three pricing tiers: the Standard Plan, Family Plan, and Vegetarian Plan. The Standard Plan is suitable for couples, while the Family Plan is ideal for bigger households. Blue Apron also offers a Vegetarian Plan for those who prefer plant-based meals. Subscribers have the option to choose between weekly and bi-weekly delivery schedules. The cost varies based on the number of servings and meal type. The Standard Plan starts from $7.49 per serving, the Family Plan starts from $7.49 per serving, and the Vegetarian Plan starts from $7.49 per serving. Shipping is free for all plans, provided the order meets the minimum purchase requirement. It’s essential to review the current pricing on the Blue Apron website, as there may be promotional offers and discounts available.

Cost Comparison

Blue Apron and HelloFresh offer meal delivery services with different pricing structures. When it comes to Price Analysis, Blue Apron’s cost varies depending on the number of servings ordered and the type of meal kit. On the other hand, HelloFresh also offers various plans with different prices. A Comparative Value Assessment shows that Blue Aprons pricing is competitive, but HelloFresh may have more budget-friendly options for certain meal plans. When considering Blue Apron vs. Grocery Shopping, a Budget Assessment reveals that both services offer potential savings compared to traditional grocery shopping. Overall, the Savings Potential of Apron and HelloFresh depends on individual meal preferences and consumption habits.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews: Blue Apron has garnered a notable amount of user satisfaction based on quality feedback and cost satisfaction. Customers have appreciated the quality and variety of the meal options provided by Blue Aprons. However, some users have expressed criticisms particularly related to cost. They have pointed out cost-related negatives and discontent in comparison with other meal delivery services. Despite these criticisms, the majority of users have found Blue Apron’s offerings to be satisfactory in terms of quality and variety.


The cost of Blue Apron varies depending on the meal kit and the number of servings. Considering the quality and convenience, many find Blue Aprons to be worth the investment, especially when compared to grocery shopping. It’s a convenient option for those looking for delicious, home-cooked meals.


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